The Universe is ours

A long goal and prophecy among the Mages of the Pentacle involved the construction of the Silver Ladder, which would lead humanity back into the supernal realms and establish a new world.

A European company built the first space elevator – called L’echelle d’Argent – and this event, like the moon landing, re-inspired humanity. More people awakened in just a year than anyone had known before. A new Watchtower – the Sortaros, also known as the brass dome, the realm of Dis, the land of the djinn – was discovered.

The fivefold council was prepared, and inducted as many new mages as they could find. Their numbers now highly enhanced, they began a raid into the Supernal realms to defeat the Exarchs – the mages who wished to stop humanity from Awakening.

Victory was hard, but it was achieved.

Now, centuries later, mages have taken humanity into the stars, terraformed many planets, established a galactic republic, and made contact with non-human races. While the rate of Awakening has dropped again, there are still enough mages to keep the momentum, and humanity continues to support them.

It is a time of science, of magic, and of exploration.

Shadows in Space

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