Voyager (Nustar)

Zethran tinker, glowy white with overalls


Voyager’s lifestar is quite young by galactic standards, formed at the edge of the Accretion Nebula. Its formation and distance from Earth was just right for Earthly human astronomers to witness its early stages and dub it “Nustar”.

Like all of his kind, Voyager was flung from his birthplace and learned to navigate the Void. He visited many stars, met others of his kind, swam with herds of starwhals, and stared into the nucleus of an enormous ether-jelly.

His first encounters with flesh-bound space travelers was a revelation! He was fascinated by the ships they flew, and this encounter set him on a course that ultimately led to his awakening.

As he learned to understand his powers, he also furiously studied the mechanisms and devices of humankind.

Voyager (Nustar)

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