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  • Paths

    Mages awaken to one of six paths, currently.

    A path defines your magic, and are each representative of a theoretical source of magic from human mythology.

    The six paths are as follows:

  • Acanthus

    Sobriquet: Enchanters
    Primary Arcana: Fate, Time
    Inferior Arcana: Forces
    Nimbus: Fey. Things seem enchanted or pregnant with the possibility of magic. In some cases

  • Mastigos

    Sobriquet: Warlocks
    Primary Arcana: Mind, Space
    Inferior Arcana: Matter
    Nimbus: "Nightmarish. Depth perception takes on new clarity, and it might seem that

  • Moros

    Sobriquet: Alchemists; Necromancers
    Primary Arcana: Death; Matter
    Inferior Arcana: Spirit
    Nimbus: Haunting. Onlookers think they see vague and blurry figures.

  • Obrimos

    Sobriquet: Theurgist
    Primary Arcana: Forces; Prime
    Inferior Arcana: Death
    Nimbus: Enlightening. Things become self-luminous,seeming to glow from within, and the air

  • Thyrsus

    Sobriquet: Shaman
    Primary Arcana: Life; Spirit
    Inferior Arcana: Mind
    Nimbus: Vibrant. Adjacent onlookers feel a runners high as their blood beats faster, their

  • Sortaros

    Sobriquet: Sorcerer
    Primary Arcana: Forces; Spirit
    Inferior Arcana: Life
    Nimbus: Fiery. Flames surround the mage or their target, starting with a slight aura and

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