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  • beat

    A beat is the basis of the experience system. Whenever you complete an Aspiration, face a

  • Experience

    Everything is purchased through experience, which is gained via beats. The costs to raise things is as follows:

    Gnosis: new rating x 40

  • Aspiration

    An Aspiration is a goal your character has.

    There are two types of Aspirations short term, which can be accomplished in a couple of sessions, and long term, which takes a bit longer.

    The first and only rule of Aspiration club is

  • Character Creation

    Character creation for this campaign will take a lot of thinking on the part of the players. There are many situations where there is no convenient list to choose from such as

  • Spell Casting Basics

    Magic in Mage: the Awakening is fairly flexible, though limited at low levels. But even at low ranked magic, a Mage can still accomplish a wide variety of effects.

    This entry is covers some basic spell casting rules, and combine them with house

  • Aspects

    Aspects are descriptors about a character or object that can be used to enhance willpower expenditures, and to regain Willpower.

    A character has seven Aspects defined at the beginning of the game, but Aspects can (and should) change as a

  • Earning Experience

    Experience is how you improve your character. It is rewarded through poker chips, with each chip being worth amounts based on what color the chips are.

    Silver Chips are worth 1 XP each. They are the lowest value of chip. You

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