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  • World

    This is more World Creation.

    Things are being simplified for this, since not all of us have the background in astrophysics, astronomy, or other such things.

    A world is described by a name, a brief description, and then three World

  • luddite world

    Anyone is allowed to live however they wish within the Republic. More correctly, any settlement, colony, or world is allowed to exist however the people there wish.

    The Republic has few rules. These include:
    1. People must be allowed to

  • Fawhyrr

    Fawhyrr is the home-world of the Yazirian species a mostly tropical world due to recent terraforming activity. The yazirians, being a primarily arboreal species,

  • New Atlantis

    New Atlantis was once known as Earth, and briefly as Terra. After the Silver Ladder was built here and extended into the Heavens, helping mankind ascend to the stars, the Mages of the Republic renamed it as New Atlantis to honor their beliefs and

  • Bragia

    Bragia is a world that exists in a no-mans zone between the Tier Republic and the Free Worlds. It was ceded to the Free Worlds as part of a treaty, and the Free Worlds began to avail themselves to the resources of Bragia within a

  • 01-Prime

    This designated the homeworld of the Dralasites. It is a simple world of airborne plankton, mineral formations, and scientific endeavors.

    Despite the fact that the

  • Walvanel

    The homeworld of the Jotun, though now mostly an empty world. The Jotun were only just behind the Dralasites when it came to space travel, but due to the condition of their

  • Kheera

    Kheera is the homeworld of the Kitrai.

    1. A place of countless temples
    2. Apex predators are not the only predators
    3. Strength is found in

  • K'tikik'

    The homeworld of the Vrusk, Ktikik isnt as hostile to non-Vrusk as others may believe. It is divided into the Corporations that dominate Vrusk culture, and

  • Malitask

    The world of Malitask is the origin world of the Mevrani. Much like its natives, this world is mostly paradise, but hides dangerous secrets.


  • Versav

    Versav was an important world to the Mystagogic Academy, until about 15 years ago. The details are unclear, but an experiment went horribly wrong, causing the dead

  • Vorinon

    Vorinon is the homeworld of the Tsaenok. It is a world of spiraling cities that seem to be created in a pattern of fractals, an image that matches the machinations of the

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