The Dralasites were the first non-homo sapiens species that humanity encountered in the stars. Fortunately for both species, dralasites are almost entirely innately friendly, and humans had sent out their more enlightened individuals (mages) for early exploration.

Your typical dralasite is a rubbery blob that grows limbs as they need them. There is a uniformity to their appearance that some find mildly unnerving. Each dralasite is 4’3" tall and weighs about 150 lbs. Their only notable difference in their base appearance is the color of their skin – most are gray, but some are more of a “dun” color. There is no explanation for this. Dralasites are also hermaphroditic entities, though they lack what is considered the standard reproductive organs. Dralasite reproduce by budding – every few years, they enter a few days of reduced activity, while a new dralasite slowly grows off of their body.

Dralasites lack color vision, seeing everything in shades of gray. Conversely, their skin contains countless scent receptors, giving them a very potent and useful sense of smell.

Dralasites are fairly curious, willing to see new things or have new experiences. They are also friendly, sometimes to a fault. While others may see them as naive, for the dralasites it is more important to have facts before judging.

Dralasites do lead the war against the Sathar, due to a feeling of betrayal.

Outside of this, dralasites are highly philosophical. (See below)

It may seem odd for such a uniform species, but the dralasites have no concept of prejudice. They accept each creature as an individual, and only gain racial hatreds after repetitive mistreatment by that species.

They also enjoy comedy, though their sense of humor is a bit off. They like puns (especially those that make most people groan), and took a love of old human movies.

Racial Capabilities

Elasticity: Dralasites are most noted for their gas permeable, rubbery skin. It gives them the following capabilities:

  • They can have, at any point in time, up to their Dexterity + 3 limbs. It takes 5 turns to grow or retract a limb, though a Resolve + Athletics roll can reduce that time by one turn per success. The limbs grown can not be longer than 1 yard and no thinner than 4 inches. Each limb can have many digits (fingers) which can grow up to 4 inches in length and no less than 2/5 of an inch in width.
  • They have a natural body armor that reduces 2 points of lethal damage per attack into bashing damage. This does not stack with other armor.
  • They have an additional point of Health.

Enhanced Sense of Smell: Dralasites have a highly developed sense of smell. They gain 2 extra dice on any scent based roll, and have a dog-like ability to discriminate between individuals through scent.

Color Blind: The dralasites are completely color blind, only perceiving a series of grays. While they can distinguish between color based on light and darkness, they are still incapable of actually telling much on color distinction. They are -3 on almost all visual rolls because of this.

Empathic: Dralasites are uniquely empathic, and gain the 8-again bonus on any mundane roll that involves empathy.

Skill Focus: For dralasites, their focus skills are Empathy, Expression, and Socialize.

Diplomatic Species: If a Dralasite can resolve a problem without violence being used by either side, they gain a Willpower point and a beat.

Supernatural Links
Vampires: The odd anatomy of a dralasite makes it difficult if not impossible for vampires to drink from them, much less lead through the process of the Embrace.

Therianthropy: Perhaps due to their innately fluid nature, there are no known cases of Dralasite shape-shifters.

Mages: Dralasites awaken into the Acanthus, Mastigos, or Moros paths.

Changelings: Recently a few Dralasites have returned from Thornspace, altered by the bizarre energies of that part of the galaxy, meaning Dralasite Changelings do exist.

Sin-Eaters/Mourners: There are Dralasite mourners, though at only about a third of the rate of humanity.


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