Racial Abilities

Claws and Scales: Hylarans, being lizard like, are covered in thick scales and have sharp claws on the ends of their fingers and toes. The scales are 1/1 armor, meaning that they ignore one point of incoming damage, and convert another one to bashing damage. Their claws are +1L weapons.

View Across Spectrum: The Hylarans can see across many spectrums – into infrared, ultraviolet, and true thermal sight. This gives them a +3 bonus on all mundane visual perception roll.

Heightened Smell & Taste: In addition to the above, Hylarans have a +3 bonus to any roll of involving their sense of smell or taste.

Skill Focus: Hylarans focus on Brawl, Occult, Survival, Stealth, and Weaponry.

War-Torn: Having to make do on a world that is being strip-mined by Free World Corporations, and having been classified by these corporations as ‘non-sentient’ creatures, the Hylarans have been in a state of war for several generations now. As a result, they gain an 8-again on all mundane survival rolls.

Primitive: Hylaran culture is still at the hunter-gatherer stage of development. Any high tech gadget gives them a -3 penalty when they attempt to use it. (This includes guns, but not attuned weapons.) In addition, they can not begin play with ratings in the Computer or Science skill.

Supernatural Links

Vampires: Vampires have not had much interaction with the Hylarans.

Therianthropy: Hylaran shape-shifters tend towards the avian and reptilian breeds, and oddly enough the feline breeds as well.

Mages: Interestingly, Hylarans have experienced a rare amount of awakenings before their encounters with humanity. Most of their species awakens to the Thyrsus path, as one would expect from their culture, but a few Mastigos and Moros have now joined them.

Changelings: There are currently no known stories of Hylaran Changelings

Sin-Eaters/Mourners: Since contact with humanity, Hylaran Mourners have developed. Most of them remain on the world Bragia acting as a type of shaman to their people.


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