The Jotun are considered to be a kind of “friendly space viking.” The vast majority live in space stations and star-ships. The Jotun had kept records of all the terran species, regardless of what planet they existed on, for centuries (if not millenia) before the Great Awakening. When Terrans began to explore the stars, the Jotun were the first non-terrestrial species that they encountered.

The average Jotun is about 30" taller than a human (averaging about 100" (8’4") for males, and just about 8’ for females), and they weigh about 10% more than a human of their height would weigh. Jotun also have a tendency to pale skin tones; auburn, black, brown, blonde, gold, and silver hair; and almost any possible eye color.

Most homo sapiens find the Jotun to be physically desirable.

The Jotun have a strong but (obviously) alien sense of honor. Even now that they are primarily space-faring, they still respect laws of hospitality, and tend to stick with the intent of their word when they give it.

While not particularly warlike, the Jotun do have a certain . . . aptitude for violence. They keep it in check through their code of honor, trying their best to resolve problems without violence.

As stated under Physical, most homo sapiens species find the Jotun to be sexually attractive, a feature that affects them as much as it affects other species. The default sexual orientation of the Jotun is bisexual and polyamourous.

The Jotun are friendly enough, and good at being likable. Their culture is open, and based a lot on bravery, honor, and curiosity.

Jotun Benefits

Large: The average Jotun is a Size 7 being, giving them +2 Health and +2 Speed.

Mighty: Any non-combat Strength roll for a Jotun is an 8-again roll. If exposed to an effect that would grant them 9 again or 8 again, they gain 3 and 6 dice, respectively.

Skill Focus: Jotun focus on the Weaponry skill

Lyrical Voice: The voices of the Jotun are considered to be quite beautiful by other races. They can raise Presence and Manipulation at only 15 x new rating Experience per level, and the Expression, Persuasion, Socialize, and Subterfuge skill at only 10 x new rating Experience per level.

Seductive: Jotun may use both Presence and Manipulation combined when attempting to seduce someone.

Pilgrim Species: The Jotun forever quest, and are never satisfied sitting around. They begin the game with a third short-term Aspiration.

Supernatural Links
Vampires: While many clans have embraced the Jotun (especially the Gangrel, Ventrue, and Salubri), the Jotun don’t last terribly long, as their honor drives them to suicide (with them taking out several nearby vampires at the same time.))

Therianthropy: Jotun shape-shifters tend to be seen as noble, great animals – bears, lions, wolves, elk, eagles, etc.

Mages: Jotun awaken to the Acanthus, Moros, and Obrimos paths.

Changelings: Jotun Changelings do occur. They tend to be Fairest or Ogres.

Mourners: Jotun Mourners occur at the same rate as human mourners.


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