Racial Capabilities
Nightsight: The eyes of the Kitrai adapt very well to dark and near-dark situations. As long as their is the smallest amount of light, their vision is not impaired in any way.

Natural Armor: Their tough hide allows them to reduce one point of lethal damage into one point of bashing damage, each time they are hit.

Natural Weapons: The claws and fangs of the Kitrai are +2L weapons.

Tireless: Your average Kitrai has +3 dice to resist the effects of fatigue, lack of sleep, or the like. This includes resistance to supernatural powers intended to mimic the effects of such.

Meditative Mind: Introspection and contemplation are so ingrained into the lives of the Kitrai that the entire species has the three point version of the Meditative Mind merit.

Skill Focus: The Kitrai have skill focuses in Academics, Athletics and Brawl

Soothing Presence: Being around one of the Kitrai gives others a +1 bonus to any attribute being used to resist attempts to taunt, intimidate, anger, or otherwise cause the subject to act violently or irrationally. This bonus also applies to creatures like Vampires and Werewolves attempting to resist the Frenzy effects.

Pilgrim Culture: The Kitrai believe that each life has a path, and that they must move through their paths to learn the nature of their “true destiny.” In game terms, each Kitrai begins with an additional short term Aspiration, bringing their total to three.

Supernatural Links
Vampires: While the act of embracing one of the Kitrai is dangerous, many vampires of the Assamite, Brujah, Gangrel, and Salubri clans attempt this. (Other clans may as well – it’s the whole individualism of the thing.) Some Kitrai accept this fate, others begin to war against their sires and their new companions, and a few peacefully and quietly end their lives.

Therianthropy: Since interacting with humanity, Kitrai Were-Tigers have been encountered, as have Kitrai Mokole and Nagah.

Mages: Kitrai awaken to the Acanthus, Obrimos, and Thyrsus paths.

Changelings: Fortunately, none have been encountered, but that may just mean that none have escaped. Yet.

Mourners: Kitrai mourners exist, at about the same rate as among terrans.


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