The original encounters between the N’kanti and the Tier Republic were hostile, for reasons that the Republic did not understand. They eventually learned that the N’kanti were extremist darwinists, challenging every species until they dominated it.

A century ago, a massive attack from Locusts and Xenomorphs cost the N’kanti their homeworld, in addition to several other colonies. The Republic offered help, and the N’kanti accepted it, bringing them into the Republic. While they have yet to recover from their losses, the Republic is still working diligently to help the N’kanti.

The only question remaining is whether or not N’kanti loyalty will remain after what they lost has been regained.




Racial Capabilities
Natural Armor: Their skin is slightly thicker than most other species, allowing them to reduce one point of Lethal damage into a bashing wound each time they are attacked.

Prime Specimens: Years of Eugenics has shaped the N’kanti. When created, they cannot have a physical attribute lower than 2. When applying the alien template, add one more dot to any Physical Attribute, and spend three more dots between 2 or 3 Physical Skills.

Telepathic: The n’kanti communicate purely through telepathic means. This is between each other and can be with other species, but even the most primitive mental shield will block them.

Skill Focus: Athletics, Intimidation, Science

Warlike Species: N’kanti gain a free specialty in weaponry (with one specific weapon); and a free specialty in ONE of the following skills: Athletics, Brawl; Firearms; Intimidation; or Weaponry.

Code of Honor: The n’kanti have a strict code of honor. N’kanti characters must pick a true honorable “breaking point” that can risk their integrity.

Supernatural Links

Vampires: N’kanti are often sought out by the Assamite, Cappadocian, Tremere, and Tzimisces clans, and they do quite well among them.

Therianthropes: Only reptilian n’kanti therianthropes have been encountered.

Mages: N’kanti awaken to the Mastigos, Moros, and Obrimos paths.

Changelings: So far, no N’kanti has been abducted by one of the others and returned.

Sin-Eaters/Mourners: The rate of Mourners among the n’kanti is around the same ratio as among Terrans.


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