Races of the Republic

There have been several races that make up the population of the Tier Republic. While Terrans (homo sapiens sapiens) are the most common species, all races are considered equals under the law of the Republic.

Terran: Standard, “baseline” humans, who are more in touch with the supernatural world than any other type of creatures.

Dralasite: Friendly and malleable blobs of flesh.

Hylaran: Primitive lizard men being hunted to extinction on their home world.

Jotun: Friendly space-viking giants. A noted terran sub-species.

Kitrai: Buddhist-style tiger men.

Mevrani: A terran sub-species noted for their charisma, charm, and beauty.

N’Kanti: Former enemies of the Republic who recently joined due to shared conflict with the Locusts and the Zhodani. Not entirely trusted.

Sparrial: Masterful thieves and acrobats, possessing a shorter attention span.

Tsaenok: A terran sub-species noted for their tri-lobed brains and highly socially darwinistic culture.

Vrusk: Large insectoid aliens, possessing free will (i.e. not a hivemind) and cold logic.

Yazirian: Passionate primates with a patagia membrane that allows them to glide, and who approach all things from a more warlike perspective, even things like medicine and social justice.

Zethra: Creatures of pure energy who consider themselves to be the children of the stars, quite literally.

Most species possess a Skill Focus which shows the types of things that races focuses on. Since the racial template is applied after the supernatural template, this translates as follows:

If the character does not have a rating in that skill, they gain one dot in it. If they do have a rating, they gain a free specialty in that skill.

Races of the Republic

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