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Racial Capabilities

Fast: Sparrials can run very quickly. They gain +3 on their Speed, and when on a full run, can add their Athletics rating to their move rate again.

Natural Weapons: Sparrials have claws and fangs which gives them a +1L unarmed weapon rating if they choose to take it.

Night Sight: Sparrials can see in the dimmest of light as if it were a well-lit room.

Skill Focus: Athletics, Empathy, Larceny, Stealth

Children of the Stars: The sparrial homeworld has been destroyed, and for almost the entirety of the time that the Republic has known of them, they have been wandering the galaxy in ships that they obviously did not build. Once per session, either when on a starcraft or doing something to a starcraft, they can re-roll all failed dice.

Child-Minded: The sparrials aren’t particularly stupid, but their thought patterns are closer to children of the homo sapiens species. They do not get the 10-again bonus on any mundane Intelligence based roll.

Supernatural Links

Vampires: Sparrial vampires can be found in almost every clan, especially among the Malkavians and Nosferatu.

Therianthropes: Only mammalian therianthropy occurs among the sparrial.

Mages: Sparrial awaken to the Acanthus, Moros, and Thyrsus paths.

Changelings: Sparrials are the highest rate of non-homo sapien Changelings.

Sin Eaters/Mourners: Conversely, sparrial have one of the lowest rates of mourners.


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