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Terrans are the most populous race in the galaxy. While the word now used for them equates them with the natives of the planet Earth (also known as Terra, and now known as New Atlantis), there are several species that fits the “homo sapiens sapiens” taxonomy. Examples of non-Earth based terrans include the “lower class” (aka non-psionic) members of the Zhodani Emirates, and several worlds within the Free Worlds and the Tier Republic which had been encountered after the construction of the Silver Ladder.

Terrans are also related to four other species (so far) in space – the Jotun (homo sapiens gigantus), the Mevrani (homo sapiens laqueus), the Tsaenok (homo sapiens nisocius), the and the upper class Zhodani (homo sapiens psychica). These species can freely interbreed, with the child normally taking the mother species, except in the case of terran-zhodani breedings, which leads to a pure terran child 90% of the time, and a zhodani the remaining 10%.

The discovery of other Terrans having developed on non-Earth worlds led to the Percursor Theory.

Terrans adapt more easily to the supernatural elements of the galaxy than any other species, including the variant homo sapiens species.

As the Terran species became re-acquainted, it was learned that the pigmentation variations from Earth were not the only ones possible. Almost every known color can be found in Terran hair, eye, and skin.

Terran Racial Benefits

Variable Adaptations: Terrans begin the game with three additional Merit points, one additional Attribute point, and one additional skill point in each skill category (therefore, they are built on 12/8/5 for skills, rather than 11/7/4)

Supernatural Synthesis: Terrans who have become supernatural creatures (vampires, werewolves, mages, changelings, mourners/sin-eaters, etc) begin the game with bonuses within their supernatural templates.

For example, Terran Mages gain the following bonuses:
1. They all gain an additional “Order skill,” the Occult skill, granting them a +1 die bonus on all rotes that involve the Occult skill, and allowing them to purchase rotes based on the Occult skill at 1/2 normal cost.

2. Terran Mages start the game with 10 additional levels of rotes compared to non-Terran mages.

3. All Terran mages begin with a Gnosis rating of 2, rather than 1. They still can not begin with a Gnosis rating above 3.

In addition to these bonuses, there are no limits to what kind of supernatural manifestation a Terran can gain. They appear within all Clans of vampires, any breed of Therianthrope, and any seeming of Changeling.

(There are similar benefits for other terran supernatural creatures.)


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