The tsaenok (TSAY-nock) are a homo sapiens race noted for their highly socially darwinistic mentality and a peculiar “tri-lobed” brain physiology.




Racial Capabilities

Poison Resistance: While not immune to poisons, the increased use of poisons in tsaenok history has increased their resistance. All tsaenok gain a +3 dice bonus to resist poisons.

Non-Linear Thinking: The anatomy of their mind allows them to solve most puzzles and such on a more comprehensive level. Any mundane roll involving the following skills is rolled at an 8-again quality: Academics, Computers, Investigation, Occult, and Science. In addition, the unskilled penalty for mental skills is only a -2.

Thought Into Action: Unlike others, the tsaenok can substitute their highest of Wits or Intelligence in place of Dexterity when determining Initiative.

Skill Focus: Larceny, Politics, Subterfuge

Competitive Species: The tsaenok are highly competitive amongst themselves (and, well, any other sentient they encounter). When in direct conflict (i.e. opposed rolls that don’t involve either side making a resistance roll), the tsaenok gain three additional dice.

Diplomatic Species: To the tsaenok, diplomacy is an art. Any time they can resolve a problem without violence being used by either side, they gain a Willpower point and a beat.

Supernatural Links
Vampires: The tsaenok thrive as vampires, regardless of Clan.

Therianthropes: Tsaenok tend towards more repitilian, icthyan, and avian therianthropes.

Mages: Tsaenok awaken to the Mastigos, Obrimos, and Sortaros paths.

Changelings: Tsaenok changelings of all stripes have been encountered

Sin Eaters/Mourners: Tsaenok have the average expected rate of Mourners amongst them.


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