Sf vrusk




Racial Capabilities
Centauroid Form: It is almost impossible to trip or knock down a vrusk, due to their body type. Most standard attempts fail, and any attempt to knock them down via a grapple maneuver or the like loses 5 dice on the attempt.

Full Ambidexterity: Vrusk have no penalty with either hand.

Vision Enhancment: While the vrusk do not have true 360 degree vision, they do have an enhanced vision (tetrachromatic, for starters) which grants them +3 dice on all visual perception rolls.

Natural Armor: The carapace of the vrusk grants them 1/1 armor, meaning that they ignore one point of damage each attack, and convert one lethal point into one bashing point each attack.

Tech Brain: At the beginning of each session, the vrusk begins with six bonus dice that can be ‘spent’ on Computer, Crafts or Science rolls.

Social Comprehension: When attempting to figure out a social hierarchy, the vrusk gain +3 dice.

Logical Species: Each of the vrusk gains one additional dot for mental attributes, and 3 additional skills dots to divide between two or three mental skills.

Supernatural Links
Vampires: No one knows if the vampires have ever embraced a vrusk. None have been encountered.

Therianthropy: Vrusk therianthropes have not been encountered. Many suspect that the species advanced mind may keep spirit changer types away.

Mages: Vrusk awaken to the Moros, Sortaros, and Thyrsus paths.

Changelings: There are reports of the Others abducting vrusks. None have returned.

Mourners/Sin-Eaters: There are no known mourners among the vrusk.


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