Racial Capabilities
Nightsight: Yazirian night sight is less advanced than other species. Their homeworld is covered in shade and darkness, so their eyes are always in Night-Sight mode. Unless their eyes are properly covered, they will have a -3 penalty on all dice rolls, and a -3 penalty on Initiative. Conversely, they can see perfectly fine in any type of darkness.

Patagia: Yazirians possess a patagia that allows them to glide on most planets. Their speed is twice their normal Speed, and they can control their glide with a Dexterity + Athletics roll.

Claws & Fangs: Yazirians have claws and fangs that are +1L weapons in unarmed combat.

Berserker: Each yazirian can call up their primal survival instincts in battle. It costs one Willpower point, but for the scene they gain the following benefits: +1 die to all muscle powered combat rolls, no wound penalties, 1/1 armor, +2 dice to resist any mental or social influence. The downside is that they lose all Defense (as they must perform all out attacks), and that when they run out of enemies, they are at a -2 penalty on all actions due to exhaustion until they sleep.

Enhanced Mind: Despite their somewhat primal appearance, the yazirians are surprisingly intelligent. They gain +1 on their Wits score, and a free specialty in any one Mental skill.

Blood Foe: Yazirian culture encourages them to take a “Blood Foe.” In generations past, this was normally someone from an enemy tribe, but as the yazirians have evolved and advanced, the definition of blood foe has expanded. For example, a yazirian medical scientist might declare a particular virus as their blood foe; while a yazirian artist might take on the dim view of a critic. In game terms, yazirians begin with TWO long term Aspirations.

Supernatural Links
Vampires: Yazirians can be embraced, but most of them begin their Requiem hunting down their sire.

Therianthropes: Yazirian therianthropes tend to be mammalian, but any mammal is possible for them.

Mages: Yazirians awaken to the Moros, Obrimos, and Thyrsus paths.

Changelings: Yazirian changelings tend to be of the Beast or Wizened seemings.

Sin-Eaters/Mourners: Yazirian mourners exist, slightly less often than homo spapiens.


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