Racial Capabilities

Energy Body: The zethra bodies are made of pure stellar energy. While they can still be hurt and require sustenance, they have some unique advantages:

  • They can survive without air.
  • They can ignore two points of damage from a successful attack.
  • They have +2L attacks in unarmed combat if they choose to.

Zethra can digest any organic matter (or, more appropriately, convert and absorb any organic matter).

Space Fliers: When in “the void,” Zethra can choose to fly unaided in space. They are limited by the speed of light, which while fast, is not as fast as the Gates or via Portal Ship.

Without Emotion: Social rolls made against the zethra are at a -3 penalty, and attempts to ascertain their state of mind are at -5. Any social roll that appeals to logic and reason does not have that penalty. Magical attempts to discern emotion (including aura reading) fail immediately.

Star Children: The zethra claim to be born of the stars. When traveling through the void, they gain the direction sense ability, and the 8-again quality of all navigation rolls.

Supernatural Links

Vampires: Vampires can not feed from the zethra, nor can they embrace them.

Therianthropes: No zethra therianthropes have been encountered.

Mages: Zethra awaken to the Moros, Obrimos, and Sortaros paths.

Changelings: The Others have not been able to abduct any zethra. Yet.

Sin-Eaters/Mourners: The zethra claim they do not die. The complete lack of Mourners among them may be explained by this.


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