An Aspiration is a goal your character has.

There are two types of Aspirations – short term, which can be accomplished in a couple of sessions, and long term, which takes a bit longer.

The first and only rule of Aspiration club is – if you don’t want to take Aspirations, you don’t have to. But don’t complain if other people do use them and get XP for that – it’s what they are for.

All aspirations are active things. “Don’t get killed” is not an aspiration. “Win this fight” is an aspiration.

Sample short term aspirations include:
Achieve a promotion at work
Make something that’ll outlast me
Prove my loyalty to the team
Show myself I’m not cursed
Give something important to someone in need
Put myself in mortal danger
Forget responsibility and enjoy myself
Get a new car
Show restraint when tempted
Indulge my addiction
Say my last goodbyes
Volunteer at the cancer center
Meet a ghost
Interview my idol
Plant a garden
Show respect to my enemies
Establish a new identity
Learn what hurts shapeshifters
Have a one-night stand
Escape jail
Replace my broken guitar
Tell a long-kept secret
Say no without regrets

Sample long term aspirations include:
Put my daughter’s ghost to rest
Take control of the company
Become a parent
Take down the mayor
Outlive my boss
Pass on my most important skill
Become fully independent
Bring an end to the Chosen of Mammon
Find the witch that cursed my family
Become independently wealthy
Master my chosen art
Become a vampire
Find my soul mate
Prove my father was wrong about me
Buy back our ancestral home
Show the world that fairies are real
Open a branch in three nations
Become psychic
Uncover my mother’s killer’s identity
Find an unknown biblical gospel
Prove my uncle wasn’t insane
Discover the cure for mortality

Once you complete an Aspiration, you are rewarded with a red chip, and at the end of that session (or the beginning of the next) you can choose a new Aspiration to take its place.

Certain races have more than three Aspirations.


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