Bragia is a world that exists in a “no-man’s zone” between the Tier Republic and the Free Worlds. It was ceded to the Free Worlds as part of a treaty, and the Free Worlds began to avail themselves to the resources of Bragia within a decade.

The problem, found later, is that a native, sentient species already existed on the world. This race, the Hylarans, were relatively small in number. But the crews of the Valkyrion Corporation eventually moved to Hylaran teritory, and the Hylaran’s war for survival began.

All Hylaran characters come from Bragia. The Republic is trying to rescue this species before Valkyrion obliterates them, and also trains the Hylaran mages that awaken – taking them to New Atlantis while sending their own replacements while the training takes place.

If war between the Free Worlds and the Republic ever starts, this is considered the most likely flashpoint.
1. “Nope, no sapients here.”
2. Cretaceous style wild-lands
3. Full of Valuable Materials

Skills: Crafts, Politics, Survival


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